Tuesday, June 6, 2017

What were we thinking!

After sitting for awhile in Petaluma, we decided a road trip was in order.  We decided to head for the back roads of Nevada with a stop in Death Valley along the way.  Now one would think that after traveling full time for over 20 years we would have factored in two obvious considerations:  weather and the upcoming Memorial Day weekend.  Neither crossed our minds until Sue Malone mentioned it had been 111F in Furnace Creek the first of May on one of their trips.  We smartly decided to pass on Death Valley until a more appropriate time.

So off to Nevada we go.  Our first stop in NV was at the Escapee's Pair 'A Dice park in Pahrump.  It was 101F!  What were we thinking!  We stayed one night and headed for Tonopah, thinking the high desert would have lower temps.  It was not to be.  Tonopah was one of the main reasons we made this trip.  Howard was fascinated with the name and thought it would have lots of sightseeing possibilities as well as "maybe. a little piece of acreage we could pick up cheap".  Ha!  The first obstacle was finding a place to stay.  There were 2 Passport America parks that, forgive me for saying, looked more like junk yards.  In fact the town was run down and decrepit looking.  We finally found a decent RV park north of town.  Sorry I don't remember the name.

The next major obstacle was the realization that the upcoming Memorial Day weekend was upon us and we had made no reservations.  Didn't even give it a thought.  So we headed to Fernley, NV and started our search for a place to park for a few days.  There were 2 Passport America parks.  The first one we stopped at was full as was most every park in town.  They did make a few calls for us and found the Desert Rose, a Passport America park, had one site left.  It was 30' and we said no problem, we could squeeze in.  We ended up staying 6 nights at half price ($16.50). Fernley is near I-80, Reno and Carson City.  We took a few drives around the area and decided Nevada would probably not be on our list of potential places to settle down.  What were we thinking!


Mary McIntosh said...

Hi, I've followed your Blog for a long time! We only crossed paths one time, it was at the RV park at Organ Pipe NM near Ajo, AZ. Your CC was new as was our Sea Breeze.
Have you settled down? It's been 2 years since you have posted (I keep checking from time to time).
Your Blog and Pictures are outstanding.
Mary McIntosh

Ben said...

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