Thursday, June 27, 2013

Getting back to normal...

Our life is beginning to assume some degree of normalcy after two weeks of whirlwind events.  Hey we even did loads and loads of laundry today!  And after a couple of days of drippy rain and fog, the sun is once again shining here in Petaluma.  Read....a couple of days of drippy rain after we had cleaned and polished the RV! 

We even had a wedding anniversary, our 19th plus 6 prior years, the day after Mary's memorial service in Half Moon Bay.  We were driving back in the rain, dodging and weaving through the miles of construction and detours in San Francisco...yes, we were in the motorhome, and decided neither of us felt much like celebrating once we got parked at the Elk's. 

But serendipity intervened with a knock at our door and there stood traveling friends we hadn't seen for years, en route to their lot at the Timber Valley SKP Park in Sutherlin, OR.  They had been out wine tasting and brought over a delicious red blend from Quivira Vineyards with a side of cheeses and nuts. Let the celebration begin...

Normal for this time of year is making the rounds of the various doctors who try to whip us into shape here at our local Kaiser medical center, thus hopefully ensuring we're able to continue on this journey.  I seem to have more and frequent follow-ups since the endometrial cancer and surgery last November, so may need to find facilities in other parts of the country should our grand fall, winter, spring trip materialize.

A month ago we decided to get serious about losing the weight we'd put on during our trips to Roatan and San Carlos.  Our daughter Stephanie, who's now on a trip to Romania and Europe (check out her blog) told us about My Fitness Pal, a handy app to track food and exercise, plus set a calorie limit depending of how much weight you want to lose.  Also important for us is knowing how many carbs we consume, as well as calories.  So, for me, my calorie limit is 1200 and I have set my own carb limit at under 50.  Fiber carbs are free and of course, you back off any exercise or cardio you do each day.

Three miles of walking at 3 mph generates 220 minus calories (for my 5'2" frame).  I try to add on another 1.5 miles during the day, if I can, depending on what we plan to eat.  So we now plan ahead, weigh our portions, and record our food and exercise intake.  Keep in mind, we have had two weeks of celebrations where we did not meet our daily goals, but we quickly got back on track soon after.  Net results, a 3 lb. loss in 30 days.  I'll take that!
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