Friday, February 22, 2013

Island fever...

Thinking back to our cruise on the tall ship, Star Flyer, in November 2011, by the third week I was beginning to feel somewhat cloistered and anxious, tired of all the eating and activities.  Now seems to be no exception.  Maybe, once again, the Rule of Threes is taking control.  My gut brain seems to be wired directly to the pain in my neck; quite uncomfortable at times.  When I make up my mind to work through it, all seems better.  But still...

We actually checked into changing our flight time to Tuesday, the 26th, the day we return the car, but that whole process would cost over $500.  I need to focus on meditation and what I know to be true:  If I change the way I look at things, the things I look at change...Wayne Dyer.  

So...what better way for an attitude adjustment than to go out and explore the few remaining areas we've yet to see on the island .  Back to the East End we go, this time to Oak Ridge, on the Leeward (calm and less windy) side of the island, and known as the "Venice" of Roatan because of its boat-oriented transportation.

Oak Ridge, the "Venice" of Roatan..

Then on to Punta Gorda, also on the East End, but on the opposite or Windward side.  Punta Gorda is the oldest settlement in Roatan, founded in 1797 when Garifuna deportees from the Caribbean Island of San Vicente were stranded here by the British.  The Garifuna community continue their slow, happy lifestyle, cayucos pulled onto the beach, residents moving at a slow, deliberate pace.  Such a peaceful, simple setting...

Laundry day by the sea, in Punta Gorda..

Not a particularly good photo, but one of my favorites!  I have entitled it the "Lone Mangrove Tree"!

Taking advantage of our car, expensive though it is, we traversed the island via a questionable dirt road, from south to north, up and over the mountain at an elevation gain of a steep 1000 feet from sea level.  We had set out to visit the Blue Harbor Plantation where the very best greens are grown hydroponically.  We had first purchased them at our favorite, also expensive, Super Market, Eldon's.  We have to be reminded that nearly everything has to be shipped in!

Hydroponically grown greens, taken through a screen at Harbor Blue Plantation

Looking at our somewhat sketchy map, Howard says... it looks like this road continues on to the main highway.  And yes it did; steep, dirt, rutted...Perhaps an hour later without the benefit of our trusty jeep and 4-wheel drive, we safely arrived in French Harbor...hungry!

What are we thinking?...This is no Jeep!

View from the top!

But first, we drove through the second largest city on the island, and got completely lost in all the narrow one-way streets...

Yet another turn-around in French Harbor...

Finally, after turning off on another questionable road, we found a great lunch spot at French's 44 Key!  Ahhh...happy campers with an attitude adjustment, indeed!

Ride to French Key

French's 44 Restaurant


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