Friday, April 19, 2013

Montezuma's Revenge...figuratively speaking!

That would be our week 3 travel bug caused by itchy feet and staying too long in one location, not by the slice of chorizo and jalapeno pizza we consumed at the Ley's Supermarket cafe.  Though we have pretty much expended all our driving options within the limits of our tourist visa and settled into ordinary life, we haven't been overly anxious to get back to the motorhome, sadly being abused by the strong winds in Tucson and badly in need of some exercise. Well maybe a little anxious.

Pizza anyone?

We took the jeep to a car wash facility for a much needed cleaning after the off-road experience in search of Catch-22.  This consisted of a backyard lean-to, 2 entrepreneurial young guys equipped with a hose, soap, a couple of rags, a shop vac, and Armor All.  $10 with tip got us a shiny, clean car.  

Then off to the big city of Guaymas in search of a shop that could recharge the AC's 134r refrigerant.  Hmmm...this took some major multilingual sign language.  First we stopped at a taller mechanico, the taller the better.  Though he didn't have the necessary tools he was kind enough to make some calls and do an internet search and found us an aire acondicionado mecanico in Guaymas central.  A Google map was provided and we found Jorge's on the 2nd attempt at maneuvering the busy, narrow back streets. Once again, not exactly your typical American repair situation but oh so efficient and cheap.  Don't let the sign fool you.  Those are pesos so divide by 12!

Jorge's shop in Guaymas

This is hardly ordinary life as we know it though the sunsets and beach scenes and the fancy surroundings are quite nice.  We dearly love Mexico and San Carlos is a great town, but when our conversations become dominated by travel talk and then expanded to circumnavigating the country, with a lot of what ifs and how abouts thrown in, you know we're missing our gypsy lifestyle and little casa mobile!  We are both approaching milestone birthdays, albeit a decade apart, so we need to stay healthy; wealthy and wise would be nice too!  I know, I know..we can't keep doing this forever that's why we gotta keep going while we can. We're missing our family so May through July will be spent in the Bay area before any major trips materialize.  But in the meantime, here's a look at the last week or so.

The Saguaros are blooming

An island of Organ Pipes in Guaymas bay

A short hike into Canon de Nacapule to a small palm grove, sort of a mini Palm Canyon as in Anza Borrego

An odd symmetry along the Miramar waterfront (located between San Carlos & Guaymas)

A San Carlos landmark

A nice anchorage my sailing friends!

Mount Teta Kawi dominates the San Carlos Marina landscape

A whole bunch of conch shells at Bahia Delfin

A colorful collection of blankets and hamacas

Don't forget 12 to 1, pesos to dollar, makes for a cheap happy hour

A cloudy sunset is still beautiful

All sunsets are beautiful!


Life's a Beach! said...

Gorgeous photos! The blooming saguaros are beautiful! Looks like the San Carlos area is well worth the trip.

Donna K said...

That's a beautiful shot of the bay(?). The blue of the water is gorgeous. I really like the pelican shot. Thanks for posting all the nice photos.

Gaelyn said...

That island of Organ Pipe cactus looks really amazing. And San Carlos seems like a nice place to get comfy in. Maybe you'll stop by the canyon on your way north.

Bob and Kathie said...

Hi Lynda and Howard,
Looks like a great place to be lazy. As I've recently been told, "As you approach milestone birthdays, being lazy once in a while is OK". Being lazy aside: Howard, Are you going to run Bay to Breakers?...the anithesis of being lazy. :)

Bob and Kathie said...

PS. Have you met anyone to enjoy happy hour with? I wuld like to fill that position.

Stillhowlyns Travels said...

Yes, just signed up for Bay to Breakers!

Stillhowlyns Travels said...

Will take the coast route, Gaelyn.

Sooziii said...

Love the Pelicans - and love those colourful blankets; in fact I love all your pics .... lol

Oreand wagy said...

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