Monday, November 9, 2015

But for the love of lamb~~~

We have been doing so good with our basic motorhome budget.  Howard keeps records in an Excel program and updates our expenses every few days. It's really a great feeling to end the month with some cash to carry-over to the next month, or to stash in a fund for a non-motorhome trip.  This latter is in the works...Suggestions anyone?

Part of this has to do with food shopping which is usually a big ticket item.  Beef is now so expensive that we're eating more chicken, occasionally pasta (trying to watch carbs), fish, and lamb.  We were pricing various meets per pound and lamb came in right after chicken for cost effectiveness.

If we buy a boneless leg of lamb for $5.99 per pound for 5-6 lbs. at Costco we get 4 good meals.  The first two are slices of lamb roast with vegetables and salad.  Then the fun begins when Howard launches his tried and true lamb/mango curry.  The little casa literally sings with wonderful smells wafting through as the dish simmers on the stove.

Boneless leg of lamb on our little rotisserie

Leftovers for lamb/mango curry *photo borrowed from the internet*...delicious

Lamb/mango curry recipe

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