Saturday, October 31, 2015

No cataract surgery~~~

Once again we're back in our "home" territory of Petaluma, CA staying at the Elk's Lodge.  Our little month-long vacation, stretching to almost 2000 miles, has us refreshed and ready to settle in for a bit.

On my agenda was an ophthalmology appointment on the 28th for exam and consultation prior to scheduling cataract surgery.  My ophthalmologist, Dr. Alvarado, surprised me by saying the results would not be all that good due to an irregular astigmatism which could not be fixed with the special lens. Plus going ahead with the surgery to improve far vision would still require me to wear glasses plus I would lose my nearsightedness.  I so enjoy not having to wear glasses to read. So, all things considered it would not be worth the time and money at this time and I can change my mind at any time.  Right now my vision is not hindered much by the cataracts.  I don't have the light halos or cloudy vision, and I don't mind wearing my glasses for far vision.

We've started the polishing job on the motorhome which endured a lot of road dirt and grime on our recent getaway. Howard does the top portion with a ladder, and I do the bottom which involves a lot of squatting exercises!  This is one job we do as the spirit moves us!

Our family has decided to celebrate Thanksgiving/Christmas on December 5th weekend at Stephanie and Gary's place in Loomis, east of Sacramento, where we have beautiful free parking on their 3 acres! No plans yet on where we'll be for Christmas.  Maybe the desert!
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