Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Magical moments at Fonts Point & around the homestead, as well as a few pains in the neck~~

Fonts Point:

Keeping an eye on the sky and cloud formations, I messaged Gaelyn to see if she'd like to join us for a ride up to Fonts Point for sunset, knowing she would not feel comfortable driving her truck and camper up the 4 mile, sandy, rutty road.

Gaelyn is armed and ready for the action!

Others join us, posing on the precipice!

Fonts Point is the crown perched atop the Borrego Badlands.  Millions of years of geologic history unfold in this stark desert landscape and as the sun moves over mud and sand formations there is a light show of extraordinary proportions.

Soon our eyes (and cameras) look west, as a blast of spectacular colors announce the setting sun!

Magical moments:

Back at the old homestead the magic continues with the play of light and shadows, especially as the western sky lights up in the early evening, and we enjoy a fire in the warmer night air...

And finally, this....

Pains in the neck, both literally and figuratively:

It was probably a combination of hiking for hours up Coyote Mountain lugging a camera around my neck, or hours of being humped over a laptop editing hundreds of photos.  But the end result was two days of debilitating neck spasms that soon radiated to my crooked back.  Or...maybe, it was just watching that TRX video (mentioned in a previous post)!  So I have been, until now, on a self-inflicted, no computer/camera, 12-step program.  Not easy for an addict!

I tried stretching, working it out with weights and walks, but alas, it only made it worse.  So, I resorted to drugs and bed.  All is back to normal now, and I am happy to report a 4-mile walk down to the lake and back around the neighborhood today, followed by polishing one (lower) side of the motorhome.  Howard (the old guy), never deterred by such foolishness, jogged his 5-mile course, then climbed upon the roof to start caulking and sealing.  

The figurative pain was a minor skirmish with Verizon, causing us to travel to Indio to resolve.  Our Droid Razr Maxx  died, as in a non-replaceable battery that will no longer charge, inconveniently 10 days before our contract upgrade is available.  

Thinking surely this will not pose a problem, a few days right, we hit the wall with a customer service representative greeting us at the door with, sorry, the earliest you can upgrade is January 19th.  That's a week away!  Barely avoiding a hissy fit we asked to speak to the manager.  After a few rounds, we're not leaving unless you can fix this phone, or give us another 'cause we are mobile and work from the road...blogging and Facebook count, right?.  In the end, Robert (who is now our new best friend), "loaned" us a new Samsung Galaxy 4, complete with all our stuff onboard, until we go back on the 19th to do a proper upgrade, including the MiFi.  

Before we left, we canvassed the neighborhood for those in need of  Costco necessities, as we were long overdue for re-stocking. After 2 hours (or so) of debacle>satisfaction, we enjoyed a chicken Caesar followed by a marathon of aisle hopping (wonder how much distance that covers?), then checked out a few hundred dollars poorer (but those airline miles are adding up), and headed back for the hour's drive home.

By the time we got to the Talleys to drop off a few goodies, the sun was setting, and we gladly accepted an invitation to sit a spell, have a drink, and get to know one another. (Maybe we should all go to Nan's blog and complain that she hasn't updated since October, because she is so good.)  

Soon, there was a rush of doggy madness as Curtis, followed by Brian and Leigh of Aluminarium, who have developed a terrific new RV camping website: Campendium, followed by Byron with Kerri @asolojourner close behind. Honestly, there is a lot of competition for the most photogenic in the RVing pet world. Nan and John's Oliver and Olivia entertained the canine group in grand style, and we got to meet yet more new friends!

I have finally joined the Instagram community and now enjoy sharing the love of photography. Check us out so we can follow you!  We have no immediate plans to leave for another couple of weeks, unless we do.... For now, I am way behind on checking out all my favorite bloggers, and there are many, so goodnight all!
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