Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Chilling in Borrego, cheers with new friends, hikes, repairs, & dumping for fun~~

The New Year brought a deep chill, as in below freezing temps, and our mountains were topped with snow.  It was a beautiful sight to behold, and happens every few years, but by late afternoon we were bundled up and huddled by a fire, or inside.  Our oh so efficient Wave 6 catalytic heater kept us warm and toasty, running on low throughout the night.

Our new friends, Heather and Dan, have entertained us non-stop.  Heather loves to cook and invited us and friend, Richard, who camps out over at Peg Leg, for a New Year's feast of spiraled ham, mashed potatoes, carrots, and just baked white buns.  We brought a salad and there was lots of good red wine to last the evening. The sun was out, though the temps were dropping. They have a great little set-up outside their small toy hauler; comfortable table that will sit 6, gas barbecue and fireplace.  Very cozy indeed.  We did say goodbye just as the sun was setting to go home and catch the last quarter of the Oregon Ducks beat Florida State in the Rose Bowl game.

Richard, Heather, Dan, Lynda, Howard

Spiraled ham, mashed potatoes, carrots, homemade white buns, & salad...Delicious

On a trip into town one day we had to take a detour to check out the Breceda sculptures, a drive we do every year.  They never cease to amaze me and were even more impressive against a background of snow on the mountaintops.

Prehistoric camel

The dragon

The padre and his dog

In an effort to get off our lazy behinds and shed unwanted pounds, and with a lot of inspiration from young friends who are fitness nuts, we're trying to walk or run an hour a day for 6 days a week, and do some strength training a couple of days. Now bear in mind, we're working up to this!  They use a simple pulley system by TRX Training and the basic equipment would work fine on the motorhome, suspended from the ladder, and not take up much space, ridding us of the hand weights and other paraphernalia we haul around.  We're also reading the book Younger Next Year, which has actually been recommended by several friends.  Hey, we'll try most anything to keep doing what we're doing and love, for a few more years.  So on that note, we headed up Coyote Mountain for a two hour hike!

Up the rocky, steep slope

We nod at the deadly serpent but we have higher goals.

Over by Henderson Canyon,looking west...

 We get a TRX demonstration!

The car was due for maintenance and the motorhome needed the generator serviced, so Howard went into Tito's Auto Repair, talked to Tito, and felt comfortable having them do the work.  We had not been there before, but had received recommendations.  The car went in yesterday and attention to every detail was thorough and complete and we felt the price was very fair.  Today we took the motorhome in for generator's oil change and replaced the oil, fuel, and air filters.  Again, efficient and thorough.  From there we headed up to the Anza Borrego Desert State Park to use their facilities, dump and water, which we do every 10-14 days, and for the $7 price of admission, we get a day use pass to park, have a picnic, and enjoy a hike to the Palm Canyon.  Today since we were later in the day, we just parked and had lunch and got to say hello to friends, Tom and Carolyn, who had just arrived.

The State Park for day use

Parking for a picnic or a hike...

We rounded out our week with temps warming back up into the mid 70s, clear blue skies, and basking in the light of a full moon.  Life is good, indeed~~

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