Thursday, July 31, 2014

On the road to Humboldt beaches...

Small towns & tourists

We have two months to meander our way up the coast with the northwest in our sights and hopes of exploring eastern Oregon on the return trip the end of September. Our first day's drive along Highway 101 took us through small towns and groves of old redwoods.  It was Sunday and slow-going with a lot of tourist stops by the roadside.

Redwoods out the windshield

Bigfoot lives
Not planning too far ahead and seldom with reservations tends to be a problem during these busy summer vacation months.  We knew we wanted to be on or near the beach and explore Humboldt county's dramatic coastline which we've only whizzed by in years past.  Actually we haven't taken the coast route north in several years, tending to travel
the I-5.

I was searching for parking options and found a link to Clam Beach County Park. Very few parks in CA allow camping right on the beach but this one does! There are 15 RV and 12 tent sites, the services are minimal, no hookups, and definitely not for bigger rigs with multiple slides. But it is the beach, very wide and about 1/2 mile walk to see this..

Clam Beach in black and white
Our view

Howard is the man in red!

Moonstone Beach is just up the road from us and south of Trinidad, a small fishing town. Beautiful views of headlands, rocky coves, and huge moonstone-like rocks and tide pools are here to explore.  Just keep an eye on the in-coming tide and keep in mind this is a BIG tsunami area!  The long, steep steps and trail gave us some much needed exercise. Hopefully what my achy back needs after 2 weeks of sciatica...

Lots of steps

Lovely shop in Trinidad

It's feeling good being back on the road and in our groove after a great almost 4 months in the Bay Area.  And after all these years, we're still finding new places to explore.

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