Thursday, July 24, 2014

Making the rounds, getting ready to hit the road...

That's mainly what we do around these parts; make the rounds between our 3 families, all easy day drives if you don't mind Bay Area traffic and lots of bridges.  Just another joyous reason to be mobile that allows us the occasional break for a beach, city, or wine country outing. Travel, sightseeing, and photo possibilities are abundant in these parts! But we are getting that oft-described syndrome known as hitch itch!

It has been 3 weeks (yikes) since we left Petaluma for Loomis (foothills just east of Sacramento) and a fourth of July bash at Steph and Gary's sprawling acreage and home. Neighbors, work associates, and friends were invited to get together, get to know, and share some delicious eats.  And this is the location of the primo parking site. Alas, the temps were approaching triple digits, but that did not stop the late afternoon celebration! 

The heat finally drove us off to seek the fog of Half Moon Bay, about 20 miles south of San Francisco.  Here we have parking privileges in a vacant lot next door to Terri and Clint's, with the little grands and the beautiful coastside beaches nearby.  Damien and Liliana think the motorhome is a playhouse, just their size, and were at our doorstep bright and early.  I found the Disney channel, put out the snacks...they love fruit, and let them investigate all the nooks and crannies.  Easy walks to the beach and photos galore.

Time to return to Petaluma for our special assignment, a week hanging out with Christina, The Bean, while mom Wendy goes on a business trip and dad Norm works 10 hour days.  It's just easier for us to stay at their house, albeit in a small double bed, than awake at 4 am to be there when Norm leaves. Plus we also get to hang with Annie, the sweetest dog in the world, and play in a big house and garden. Christina's busy summer schedule involves practically every camp experience in existence.  I did find one, Engineering for Kids, that somehow escaped the list.  Our week involves Brownie Camp, and softball practice.  There is also Yoga and Art week coming up!

We attended two very special memorials for friends who recently passed, Bruce and Suzanne. Bruce's was celebrated by over 200 friends and family, all decked out in shorts and Hawaiian shirts in a manner and fashion appropriate to Bruce's life, complete with a motorcycle procession.

Suzanne's was held at the family home by the banks of the Russian River in a beautiful setting of Redwoods and flowers.  It was very casual with beautiful words and memories from long-time friends.  A butterfly lit on a nearby flower, so indicative of Suzanne's presence.  I thought words by Frida Kahlo would be a fitting tribute to her artistic genius.

"I leave you my portrait so that you will have my presence all the days and nights that I am away from you".....

This week is filled with departure preparation, to-do list items that were put off until now when time is running out.  There was the pesky gas strut that needed to be replaced on our heavy entry door.  A loose wire in the MH's ignition that "talks" to the Remco transmission pump, ensuring that our car can be towed safely.  Fluid levels and tire pressure, of course.  And must we really fill the diesel tank at $4.05 a gallon?  Since our travel route will be Highway 101 north, there probably won't be many cheaper options until we exit California.  We'll see you up the road..... 


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