Tuesday, April 1, 2014

From desert winds to ocean breezes...

After a fond farewell gathering with Beth and Chris, Yuma is in our rear view mirror.  The wind has come up with a vengeance and it's time to move on.  The ocean calls us and we head west.

Neither of us is interested in venturing inside, much less an all you can eat buffet!

We get an early start on Los Angeles.  Our route of choice is the 210 to the 118 into Ventura. This involves a few miles of off-freeway, two lane roads, and puts us onto 101 north along the coast.  Our destination is Pismo Beach.  

Arriving on a Friday afternoon, along with hundreds of other weekend and Spring Break kids was a bit hectic, but fun to watch all the fun.  We'll be joining in when our Half Moon Bay kids arrive in a few days!

The fresh air does wonders for our allergies, the weather  a combination of beautiful, beach-combing perfection, and much needed rain.  

Tom and Carolyn, having not lost complete confidence in our parking suggestions, soon arrive for a stay next door at the Pismo Coast Village.

Come Monday, most of the crowds have departed, and a walk through town is in order...

Sand dunes, and gnarly Eucalyptus lead to a wide, beautiful beach...

We love the desert but it's nice to be back in our familiar coastal environment!

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