Sunday, March 16, 2014

It all went off without a hitch..Pun intended!

Tucson proved to be a great location for us to make connections!  The RAV 4 was successfully connected to the motorhome by Tucson Driveline; the Remco lube pump and Blue Ox tow bar installed without a hitch!  

Getting hitched!

There were friendly connections galore.  Nice folks around this small RV park, good friends Sharon & Rodger in nearby Tucson Estates, Al down at Casino del Sol with his WINs group, and the arrival of Tom & Carolyn, their 4 Corgis, and the new Thor Palazzo!

What a beauty!

We were so excited to be part of their shake-down trip, getting to know their new motorhome after just leaving the dealer in Mesa.  There were lots of happy hour gatherings, dinners, pizza night, a buffet at the casino; in other words way too much fun and food!

Speaking of Food...

I've had motorhome food on my mind for awhile, meaning to include some of our favorite methods and menus.  

Our old pressure cooker, purchased years ago at the Miami Boat Show, with seals and gaskets replaced frequently, is perhaps the greatest asset to our boondocker's kitchen.  It takes the place of a slow cooker and produces much the same results but in faster time.  

One off our favorite dishes is Mushroom Risotto which can be a very precise and intensive endeavor when prepared the traditional way.  But using this recipe prepared in the pressure cooker becomes easy, creamy smooth, and so delicious!

Another is short ribs, Howard's most favorite meat dish. Unfortunately, the conventional oven method involves hours of cooking time to produced the fall off the bone tenderness in a thick, rich gravy.  Voila!  Bring on the pressure cooker version...

The carrots and sweet potato mash can be substituted with many vegetables.  Even cauliflower and broccoli are good mashed with butter or olive oil, salt and pepper. 

Our two weeks in Tucson went really fast, and was fun and productive, as well as a little daunting...change is not always easy!  Getting up to the mountain first thing in the morning became exercise for the mind, as well as the body. Saguaro have a way of saying, don't take things too seriously!

We're now off to Yuma to get caught up on dental work in Algodones which has been put off for way too many years now.  Can't say I'm looking forward to it, as phobic as I am about anything dental, but have complete confidence in the quality, experience, and high-tech procedures used in this small Mexican border town.

We love our new car, by the way, and she tows like a dream.  The new system requires no more than an electrical plug-in to the motorhome.

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