Monday, July 29, 2013

To Who Knows Where!

We left Petaluma after 2 1/2 months, back on the road in the motorhome, traveling to who knows where and returning who knows when.  What we do know for sure is:

Road mode but don't forget the Jeep!

We're heading up I-5 for a family weekend in Medford, OR, a drive of 350 miles.  The drive was pretty uneventful and not very conducive to drive-by shootings through layers of haze.  Mount Shasta, shrouded in clouds, did produce a rather interesting effect when photographed through tinted window glass going 60 mph.

Mount Shasta in sepia

The temps soon climbed to 100 degrees F and the dash air couldn't keep up, so we fired up the diesel generator and blasted both AC units.  The generator needs a good work-out occasionally though the fuel efficiency factor took a bit of a hit.  On the plus side, considering all the steep grades, we had to turn off the dash AC anyway to lessen the chances of the engine overheating.  Bottom line, we and the engine, are very happy!

A year ago we celebrated my nephew Kyle's wedding to his adorable wife Wendy.  I am so happy to have her and her kids as nieces and nephews adding to our large Medford family.  So we return for a visit which conveniently falls on their first wedding anniversary.

Happy anniversary Wendy and Kyle!

The Rogue Valley here in southern Oregon is another great wine scene and a bunch of us met up last Saturday night at the 2 Hawk Winery very close to where we're staying here at the Holiday RV Park.  During the summer months many wineries offer weekend entertainment featuring local bands and this night just happened to be the Rogue Suspects, the very same band that entertained at Kyle and Wendy's wedding.

2 Hawk vineyards

We shared a bottle of the 2009 Temporanillo, a good varietal grape native to Spain that offers spicy red fruit aromas and flavors.  As friends and family arrived we ordered platters of great tapas and antipasto and enjoyed some groovy music.  Wendy, a singer in her own right, joined the band for a beautiful rendition of Summertime, so appropriate on this balmy summer evening.

Pretty much gone at this point!

Wendy sings with the Rogue Suspects

We left this morning, Monday July 29th, once again heading north of I-5.  What we do know for sure is that today's destination is the Timber Valley Escapees RV Park for a couple of days, and that the air quality is very poor due to the numerous fires burning in the area.

Smoky air!

So stay tuned for the continuation of the great adventure to who knows where!

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