Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A wedding and then some...

My nephew Kyle and his long-time girlfriend Wendy were married last Friday evening in a beautiful garden setting in Medford, OR.  Their's was truly a marriage of families, a total of 6 children, 3 each, ranging in ages from 5 to 22, merging into one happy, crazy, fun bunch!  Their combined spirituality, creative talents and musicality was reflected in a ceremony that was so personal from start to finish.  And so much fun....

The groom and his guys

The bride with dad and daughters

Wendy, a 2nd grade teacher, wrote and performed a special song

Kyle and Wendy together perform a favorite tune

And wrote their vows...A done deal!

A reception followed with great food, live music and lots of dancing.  Our Half Moon Bay family had driven up with my two youngest grandkids, Liliana 2 1/2 and Damien 1, soon becoming part of the dance-floor action.

This couple rocks!

Sweet....Then messy

Daughter Terri with Clint from HMB

Damien shows his moves with Liliana & friend

All the kids got in the act!

And then some rafting...Saturday noonish about 25 of us made our way to Shady Cove, OR. and Raft the Rogue rentals for a 10 mile adventure down the Rogue River.  Now this was a wedding party to experience.  We had a total of three rafts, each equipped with water cannons, to assure that no one arrived dry, which wasn't about to happen anyway with the rapids and obstacles we encountered.

With Terri and Clint

Ready for the rapids

One of our 3 rafts

Now bear in mind the camera is only in use during very mellow runs and mostly locked up in a large zip-loc within a dry bag provided by the rafting company, secured to the floor.  Therefore you will not see the 25 lb. salmon caught along the shores of the Rogue as we drifted by, nor the two amazing eagles soaring over our heads!  That we were the oldest participants was obvious, but only in age!

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