Wednesday, July 4, 2012

It's about time....

More specifically, it's about time to end this long interval between blog posts and come up with something witty and interesting.  Interesting because we are in the midst of our summer humdrum-ness; you know.... family, projects, maintenance, medical stuff, and so on.

Half Moon Bay Coastside

We got to Half Moon Bay, about a two hour drive from Monterey, just in time for the Father's Day weekend where we're able to park right in front of daughter Terri and Clint's house, complete with an electric extension cord and full access to the grandbabies, Liliana and Damien.  They love being in this big playhouse with all its nooks and crannies (and grannies), though child-proof it isn't!  Furthermore, the dads were treated to the best prime rib dinner ever.  I forced myself to indulge just to be courteous!

Damien at one year...what can I say!

Liliana, 2 1/2,  is saying "cheese"

Caution...X-rated for vegans

We continued on, through the City and over the Bridge, to the Petaluma Elks, about 60 miles north on Highway 101, to our home-base for the next few weeks until we leave for the Great Northwest.

Thru The City

Over the GG Bridge

We have projects to attend to.  You must understand that Howard and our '99 Jeep Wrangler are Siamese twins; joined at the hip.  No matter how much I complain and threaten he will not hear of us getting another car.  Thus, I coerced him into a major renovation, starting with a basic water-proofing, then new seat covers, floor coverings, and fenders.  We even threw in a spare tire cover for good measure.  Maybe this winter when we're passing through Yuma or Mexico, we'll get it painted.

What a mess!



I am not just sitting idly by eating bonbons.  Polishing the lower half of the motorhome is my job and it is indeed a labor of love.  Keeping this old beauty looking spiffy and bright is a back breaker but worth the effort.  Oh, and speaking of....walking my usual 3 mile route around Shollenberger Park, I tripped over my own foot and fell...not pretty.  Aging is not for wimps!

A little spit and polish!

The daily walk!

Christina just graduated from kindergarten and now has a summer schedule aimed to keep her occupied every minute, freeing the busy parents, but I think it has backfired!  Getting her to dance class and swimming lessons is a challenge but so fun for us sideline observers.  She is indeed a performer!

Prima ballerina!

No fear...

Last but not least, today is the 4th of July and we have had the best relaxing day with our Sacramento family driving down, fixing wonderful food, and enjoying the grandpups.  The weather is a balmy 80, clear skies, nice breeze..much better than most of the country.  Yes, life is good!

Riley, Trevor & Maci

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