Monday, May 7, 2012

Our Super Moon Experience!

Our experience of this Super Moon on May 5th...Cinco de Mayo, was truly overwhelming.   The photos don't do justice to the "real deal"...but I am pleased with what turned out.  We drove around for hours...that's another chapter... looking for the right location to be at 8:09 pm Pacific Time, and finally settled on Shollenberger Lake and Bird Sanctuary, highlighted in our last update...right across the street from where we're parked, with easy access for the camera lenses and tripod.  I was upset at first with all the blue resulting from the sky and water being the same color and tried to tone it down, but finally settled for that huge orange sphere providing the needed contrast.

But first there was a pretty impressive sunset!

We first saw a glow and then the show began!

And then it got bigger and brighter...

This shot is edited in Picasa using focal black and white.. 

Seconds later in shades of blue...

And the reflections..

Using Picasa HDR-ish to sharpen and outline...

This is our Super Moon experience!

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