Monday, February 13, 2012


Whodathunk we'd get a site at the Escapees KOFA Park here in Yuma, and after just 3 days of boondocking in their overflow area!  And a nice site it is:

I need to rake the gravel!
The weekly rental is $90 plus tax and electric usage; $13+ per night...not bad at all for full hook-ups .  After 5 weeks of boondocking in the Anza Borrego Desert there are a few benefits to having unlimited water and electricity like....ironing, baking, long showers - maybe every day, equalizing our batteries, and not having to remember to turn off the inverter after watching TV at night.

We have enjoyed the network of SKP Co-op parks for 16 years, supporting the needs of the full-time RVer.  These parks depend on leaseholder's volunteering for committees which make the rules and regulations for the efficient running of...well, things.  Like proper protocol and behavior while doing laundry.  I always forget to read all the signs posted in the various nooks and crannies.  There was the time in Benson when I left the door open on a nice day neglecting to read the sign warning of snakes entering through said open the middle of winter.  A few days ago I inadvertently put the lid down on the washing machine after using and was chided for not reading the sign.  I quickly recovered my witty sense of the ridiculous humor and replied, " I was always taught to put the lid down"...sorry!  I've been out of touch too long!

What with trips across the border to Algodones, visits with local friends and family, we have been so busy, and that's a word that doesn't normally describe our rather free lance lifestyle.  By family, I mean my deceased ex-husband's family whom I have known since I was 15.  Sadly my sister-in-law passed away from a heart attack just days before her 70th birthday.  (The symptoms were headache, vomiting, and heaviness in her arms.)  A wonderful "celebration of life" was held at brother Jim's a week ago, well attended by so many that knew and loved Sharon.  The folks are 90 and 94 and sharp as tacks.  Anyone that can maneuver a car in and out of this crazy Yuma winter traffic with quick reflexes, like dad did on our Friday lunch outing, and discusses current world events as well as "before your time" kind of stuff, has my confidence vote.

RIP Sharon Kaye

Super Bowl Sunday was spent with the Panys.  We supplied the surf and turf, i.e...salmon and tri-tips, while Beth and Chris did all the work, cooking/preparing munchies and side dishes and barbecuing the aforementioned.  And all the clean-up!  We know how to play this game, as did the victorious New York Giants...Yay Eli!  Now I really like Tom Brady but he's won so many times!

That's Stripey on the wall!

We've been doing a lot of eating actually.  Full-time RVer/friend, Al, is also here so we had dinner with him a few nights ago.  Sushi in Yuma is not an oxymoron and we had some of the best from, of all places, the fresh sushi bar at the new Fry's Supermarket.

Sushi in Yuma...Yes!
Last night we fixed dinner in exchange for a mini-concert provided by our master oboist friend, Steve. We met Steve years ago in...where else but the Anza Borrego Desert.  He has since bought a home here in Yuma and we had been looking forward to Howard's signature rack of lamb and some fine entertainment.  Steve performed Mozart's Oboe Concerto beautifully, accompanied by the most amazing surround-sound back-up.  After dinner he treated us to a showing of the Oscar nominated movie, The Tree of Life, starring Sean Penn and Brad Pitt.  Absolutely mesmerizing cinematography!

Steve performed Mozart's Oboe Concerto..beautifully
I've added a new link to the "Links I Like" feature on the left-hand column of this blog. The addition of RV Service Reviews was prompted by our recent visit to Yuma Diesel Service for routine maintenance on our Cummins diesel engine.  The service was professional, knowledgeable and thorough, with very reasonable rates.  We would highly recommend.

More maintenance related projects have consumed much of this last week, at least for Howard.  A simple drain cleaning resulted in a broken pipe that turned into an all day plumbing repair.  This involved Howard, just south of 200 lbs., curled up in a semi-fetal position in our cramped bathroom, working inside of a cabinet that required his elbow to bend at the opposite right angle to which it is accustomed.  Then there is the ongoing project of maintaining and repairing the diesel hydronic heater.  He has gone thru every test, changed every filter and fuse, bled the line, so it comes down to the PC board which is $500 to replace.  However, he has found that if he "taps" on the relays, the heater works fine for awhile.  Next we will attempt to replace the relays.   All Greek to me but the engineer seems to know what he's doing.

Yes, there was another trip to Algodones this last week so that I could enjoy a shrimp taco and Margarita.  Friends, Beth and Chris, joined in the fun.  We sleuthed the alleyways and found hidden away in the recesses a treasure trove of Zapotecan rugs from Oaxaca.  We had purchased one over 10 years ago while in Oaxaca and sadly it had begun to wear.  Here is my beautiful new replacement:

New Zapotec rug
It is time to (1) go on a diet, (2) move on.....

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