Thursday, October 27, 2011

Playing House

A big plus for mobility.  We left Medford for Petaluma where we were asked begged to babysit the Bean, aka Christina, the 5 year-old granddaughter, while d-i-l Wendy goes on a 4-day business trip.  Son Norm leaves for work at 4:30 a.m. so someone needs to be in-house to get her up and ready for school, cartooned-in, breakfasted, lunch-boxed, and out the door by 8 for the walk to school, with Annie, the slightly neurotic grandlab, tagging along.  

A real house...

With a real kid...

Who happens to be our 5 year old granddaughter...

Walking to school with Papa and Annie the grandlab

The line-up outside kindergarten class.

Annie has certain issues that make her a bit anxious!

For instance, the refrigerator that hisses and threatens to eat her and her ball.  She won't go near it!

We enjoy cooking in a real kitchen...yes, Brussels sprouts again...

A son who does great bbq'd pork chops and keeps his lawn green.

And a little double bed for the two, make that 3, of us!

Real houses make me slightly neurotic and anxious.  They have high ceilings and low floors.  The bathroom is soooo far away!  The TV remote is too complicated.  We are happy to be back on-board the motorhome, getting ready for yet another adventure!  It's the mobility thing!
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