Monday, October 17, 2011

Birthday reunion

I share the same birthday with my beautiful sister-in-law, Gay Cawthorne, who turned 80 on October 14th.  Gay is such a remarkable, talented woman.  She is a professional singer, an accomplished artist, and devoted to her large Medford family, friends and church.

Lynda & Gay on their birthday
My nephews and nieces in Medford, OR planned a huge celebration and surprise party for her. This was truly  a grand reunion as all my kids and grandkids from Petaluma and Half Moon Bay drove up for the weekend (last).  I had not seen my family for 3 months and the cousins had not all been together for many years.

The first event and big surprise was a large family gathering Friday night for a cozy dinner for the 26 of us at a local Mexican restaurant.  Gay had an inkling that something was going on but didn't expect all of us.  We were all a bit overwhelmed, what with all the introductions (new spouses, new babies, etc.) and catching up to do.  So much fun to see all the cousins reunited!

5 yr. olds Ali & best friends!

Clint, Kyle & Wendy, Terri

Is that Justin or Jonathan (twins) with cousin Noelle?

Great photo of Wendy & Norm

Kyle with youngest son Randy

My nephew Keith with wife Mindy

Niece Kelly holding 5 mo. old grandson Damien
There were over a hundred people in attendance at the church on Saturday.  My nephews, Kyle and Keith, had put together an incredible DVD that was a beautiful tribute to Gay and included so many emotional pictures of the past, with Gay's lovely voice singing the background music. We were all laughing and crying at the same time!

Honoring Gay, on the right
Daughter Terri, nephew Kyle, my d-i-l Wendy
Kyle later hosted a barbecue at his and Wendy's (remember, there are now two Wendy's) house for around 30!  Hot dogs, hamburgers and a great Oregon Duck's football game was enjoyed by all, with yet more photo ops!

Gay with her kids, Keith, Kelly, Kim and Kyle

And the "in-laws", Jon, Mindy and Wendy
Three days of fun, food and fellowship.  I was honored to share this special day and celebration with Gay and  our families.  We already have plans to be back next summer for Kyle and Wendy's wedding.  Let the good times roll on....
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