Saturday, September 3, 2011

Motorhome karma

You may recall that a month or so ago we were in Eugene, OR for some service and repairs.  One such item included replacing an 11 year old awning over our slide-out (yes, we only have one) that was seriously worn and had recently blown a spring causing it to somewhat collapse!  Then when our radiator core blew its top and our repair bill went from $1500 to almost $8000....well let's just say we were a bit overwhelmed and happy to finally be on our way to Port Townsend.

After getting ourselves settled and giving the awning a close-up and personal inspection, then conferring with friends, we came to the conclusion that the workmanship and quality were not adequate or comparable to our other 3 Zip Dee awnings.  We had decided to go with a local shop that does draperies, upholstery and canvas, and we have known and done business with in the past...just not canvas.

I sent off an email to Bob Vinson at Oregon Motorcoach Center and he immediately replied to come back anytime and they would take care of the problem.  After our great week in Corbett, OR along the Columbia River Gorge we headed back to Eugene. Now, I have to say I love this place.  Their degree of highly skilled specialists in all phases of repair, especially on Country Coach motorhomes, is impressive.  Most had been with CC 25-30 years before the "decline", then coming here to OMC.

Glen begins to install the "new" awning
A meeting was arranged with all those involved and the awning fabric sent off to be "re-worked".  Next day Glen (the expert) came by to say he would be installing in a few minutes.  When questioned he simply replied, "it is structurally sound".  We stood by somewhat reluctantly and grimaced and groped for words to express our displeasure as the new version unfurled.  Not good enough.  As if on queue, Glen lost his grip, the spring recoiled, and his trusty drill tore a large, beautiful hole through the fabric.  Did I notice a wink in his eye?  Once more the awning will be replaced, but this time from Zip Dee, the manufacturer.  Yes, it will take a while, at least two weeks to have it made and shipped, but we are mobile folk.

So we have moved over to a lovely boondock site at a far corner of the Valley River Center Mall, situated alongside the Willamette River and walking trail, with ripened blackberries on the bushes for picking.  The security police arrived moments after we parked to give us a 2-day pass, more time if needed, and coupons good in the mall shops.  He said be sure to call if we have any questions or concerns as they provided 24 hour security.
Our site by the Willamette

With river view thru ripened blackberry bushes

First on the agenda was a movie at the Regal 15 Cinemas where we were enthralled by Helen Mirren in The Debt.  Excellent, 5*****, from us!  The morning got us up and on the trail for 4-5 miles.  Honestly, everyone in this town is either walking, running, biking, fishing or boating.  No one sits still!  The day is a gorgeous 80s.  We checked out the big Labor Day sale at REI, hoping to find something for our trip.  Howard found a great pair of Columbia shorts for $20.  Sadly, everything I tried was too long.  So I went to Talbot's Petite and found a couple of nice tops on sale; what a joke...women's clothes are such a rip-off.  Think it's time for Ross'.

Ladies half-marathon this morning right outside our window!
So the plan is to head east and stay a night or 2 near Bend.  I need to visit the Columbia Outlet Store and other points of interest.  Then on to the Boise/Caldwell, ID area to see friends Beth and Chris.  They are house-hunting and may need us to referee and/or console; possibly offer an opinion or professional real estate advice (yeah, right).  Plus, this is new territory to explore.

But for now, it's time for some Oregon Duck football!  Go Ducks.....

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