Monday, August 29, 2011


Thankfully not the food variety of gorging as we did enough of that our last week in Port Townsend.  We are now gorging on the Gorge, it's scenic beauty, fantastic weather, and our great location here in Corbett, OR, right on  the Historic Columbia River Gorge Highway.  The Crown Pt. RV Park could not be nicer or more accommodating.  Full hookups, free wifi, laundry practically at our doorstep, and the trees don't interfere with our satellite TV.  The half price fee of $15 per night through our Passport America membership is beyond reasonable, especially with no limit on how long we can stay.  Most parks have a one or two night limit or exclude weekends, holidays, and certain seasons.

At Crown Pt. RV park...note satellite is clear of trees!  Important..
Yesterday was total immersion in this historic gateway into some of nature's geologic wonders!  The 22 mile waterfall section of the highway 30 bypass starts here at our Corbett location and takes us to all the dazzling waterfalls and The Vista House at Crown Point which looms over 700' above the Columbia River.  The often photographed and painted Multnomah, Bridal Veil, and Latourell Falls provided yours truly with some much needed physical exercise after the aforementioned indulgences, and needless to say the camera got a workout as well!

The famous bridge and falls of Multnomah

Howard at Bridal Veil
Hazy view from Vista House at Crown Point
Back at river level off I-84 Bonneville Lock and Dam forms a connecting link between the states of Oregon and Washington.  We did a self-guided tour of all 5 levels, from the observatory on top to the fish-viewing ladder down below.  The powerhouse and spillway can now only be toured with a guide.

Spillway at Bonneville Lock and Dam
We crossed over into the state of WA. at the Bridge of the Gods and continued east along the river on Highway 14, through Stevenson and Home Valley,  until we reached the town of Hood River, stopping along the way at a popular wind-surfing area.

Wind-surfers on the Columbia River
On our way back across the river for the return home, Mt. Hood graced us with its cloudy presence!

Mt. Hood erupting clouds
We now plan to be here for a week so there will hopefully be more adventures of interest forthcoming!
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