Thursday, April 20, 2017

Four days in Bakersfield

March 21 through March 24th:

Dear Reader, this is a post to remind me of where we've been and what we've done, strictly for journal purposes.  Not very exciting reading, but serves to let me know for future reference.

We were originally heading to Bakersfield for an overnighter at the popular Orange Grove RV Park but  life had other plans.  On the drive over Highway 58 our motorhome started acting up again (this happened once before); cutting out, jerky shifting and it continued on, gradually getting worse.  So as luck would have it we ended up at the Cummins Diesel Repair. As it was near closing time they parked us with full hookups and said they would get to us first thing in the morning.

Right on schedule they took us into the bay and started going over the possibilities of just what was causing our problem.  It didn't take long.  Clogged fuel filters due to getting some bad gas.  They were soon replaced and we were good to go.

Oh no, not so quickly.  By the way there is a recall on your air compressor and we need to replace it. That turned out to be one giant task.  They had to remove the air filter, the water pump, and the hydraulic pump just to get to the compressor. This was a 2 1/2 day project and necessitated us finding things to do during the day as we couldn't go into the work area or be in the coach. We dined out at all the fast food chains which were conveniently located nearby.  We took our Kindles with us and read a bit.  One day we drove up to Lake Isabella, a beautiful drive.

Finally we were done.  The fuel filter replacements were the only items we had to pay for.  The major task of replacing the air compressor was free for us, just time spent.

We're now ready to head out and continue our travels to Pismo Beach for a meet-up with the family,
Just another blip when life has other plans for you.

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