Friday, January 6, 2017

Anza Borrego Desert 2017

The Anza Borrego Desert has been our "go to" place for many years, usually arriving mid-December and staying through the holidays and most of January.  This year is no different, however, the weather has been a challenge.  We've had every thing from howling, sand blasting wind to rain and very few days of sunny, warm, be outside kind of days. Even the spectacular sunsets have been few and far between but here are a few noteworthy exceptions:

With the rain comes the greening of the desert floor.

Now is when we really miss our Jeep Wrangler and all the off road trips we've taken in past years. Our Toyota RAV 4 is 4-wheel drive but not Jeep 4-wheel drive!! Its low clearance and small tires are very limiting to where we can go.  But there are still a few possibilities like 17 Palms Oasis and Fonts Point:

About every 10 days we drive up to the State Park to dump tanks and refill with water.

Every year we revisit the Brecedo sculptures on display around town:

With the temps near freezing we are not surprised to see a dusting of snow on our surrounding mountains.

Sadly our Wave 6 propane catalytic heater died so we're having to order a new one.  Our only other heat source is a small electric heater and since we're boondocking we'd have to run the generator in order to use it.

Another challenge to traveling is being able to find a salon for a decent hair cut.  I recently had mine cut and now it's so spiky it looks like a bird on my head.  I'll not post pictures of this one!

Otherwise, all is well.  We're not sure if we'll head to Quartzsite or check out the boondocking on Ogilby Road near Yuma when we leave here next week after receiving our heater and some mail that is being forwarded.  We thought we might like to see the big RV show but don't like all the crowds, so we might just hunker down on Ogilby Road for awhile.

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