Thursday, November 3, 2016

Blog block!

We had stayed so long in Petaluma that we needed a getaway.  Howard took out the map book and zeroed in on Tonopah, NV. I said why in the world would we want to go to the middle of nowhere and his reply, "I just like the name"!  Being the good sport that I am and knowing that October is a great month for traveling, I was ready for an adventure.  Doing a little internet research was not overly promising.  Seems Tonopah is an old mining town approximately half way between Las Vegas and Reno.

We stayed the first night at the very popular overnight travel destination, the Orange Grove RV Park. The following day we headed east on Highway 58 up the grade toward Tehachapi.  On the way up we noticed that the transmission was jerky when shifting down to a lower gear.  We didn't lose power, but it was disconcerting enough for us to look for a place to park and make a few phone calls.  We found a Passport America park in nearby Mojave.  It just happened to be October 14th, my birthday,  and we celebrated at Foxie's diner at the little local airport.  I enjoyed a Club sandwich with a glass of Merlot.

After calling Allison, our transmission people, for a recommendation, we called Valley Power Systems in nearby Bakersfield for an appointment.  We arrived at 8 am on the appointed day and proceeded to wait 2 hours without seeing a service representative, so we reconnected the car and drove to Sacramento.  The transmission did fine the entire way.

We parked in Loomis at daughter Stephanie's house where we have grand parking facilities with full hookups.  We are going to be sorry to leave this place when they move into the new house they have purchased.  We stayed for 2 weeks, babysitting Riley the grand-lab while they visited Gary's relatives in Colorado.

We are now back in Petaluma at the Elk's lodge.  The transmission was perfect on the drive from Sacramento so guess we will put that issue on hold for awhile and see how it goes.  We will be in and around the Bay Area until mid-December when we head to the desert.  Wishing all a Happy Holiday season.
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