Friday, March 4, 2016

Our final week in Tucson then on the road again~~~

Our month at Bar J RV park passed quickly.  All of our "fix its" got fixed. Many fine happy hours and dinners were enjoyed with Rodger and Sharon.  We even did a little sightseeing along the way.

Just south of Tucson and near the I-19 freeway to Nogales is the beautiful San Xavier Mission.  We haven't visited in years and a lot of renovation has taken place.

We did more laundry.  The washing machines are free and drying in the warm, dry (very dry) breeze makes for great smelling sheets.

We got in a couple of hikes at Tucson Mountain Park.  The views are spectacular and the cacti are pre-bloom but buds are popping out on the cholla and prickly pear.

We enjoyed many spectacular sunsets....

Today, Monday leap day, we packed up and moved on.  We are in such a quandary over an itinerary and how far east we want to go.  The whole idea is that with fuel prices so low we should plan a year of driving across country to Florida.  However the weather gets iffy the further east we go and the desert dryness is begging for a little humidity.  We've just decided to take one day at a time, reserving the right to make a U-turn whenever things aren't going our way.

A good day's drive took us from Tucson to Deming, and the Escapees Dream Catcher RV park, but just for one night. Tomorrow we hope to make it to Alpine, TX for a few days.  Need to get both vehicles inspected once we get to Texas, I need a haircut in the worse way, and there's a super restaurant we want to revisit and report on.

Current location, Alpine, TX; waiting for mail to catch up with us.  Then on to Big Bend NP!

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