Friday, January 8, 2016

Ho Hum sums it up!

We've been out here in the Anza Borrego Desert for over two weeks now and I've taken few photos. Our surroundings just aren't the same, spoiled by years' past.  One day it is cold with heavy gusts of wind, then rain showers, mud puddles and snow in the mountains.  Clark Dry Lake...isn't. There is water. Today is a brilliant, sunny gorgeous day that gets us outside enjoying the elements.  Howard is working on water-proofing the slide before the next major storm blows in.  Walks for me have been short, maybe a mile or two, as my back pain is kicking up, but Howard (the elder) still jogs his 4-5 miles barely breaking a sweat!

We have very nice neighbors....

New Year's week was crowded with lots of rigs and groups of 4-wheelers enjoying the many off road tracks and bringing in the New Year.  We got together with Nan and John for an enjoyable happy hour complete with pizza and drinks. This week the groups have gone and we have lots of open space in our line of sight.

Enjoying the first sunset of the new year.  See the crowds?
Clark Dry Lake....isn't!
There is snow in them there hills!

Funny story!  We have friends attending a rally at the Riverside County Fairgrounds where the FMCA show debuts this week.  A few days ago we decided to drive up  to see all the vendors, possibly find our water filter cartridge, and say a quick hello to our friends, the Panys.  It's about an hours drive each way. When we got there we couldn't find any indication of the big show or parking facilities, and when we finally found someone in the know we were told the show  didn't start until Thursday!  And on that note, we headed for the Costco in La Quinta and spent far more than the cost of a mere water filter!

We got the car serviced at Tito's in town and discovered we need a new battery.  Had been having trouble with the battery being dead when we towed for long distances.  We are now awaiting filters for the rig and will take it in Monday to be serviced.

I'm going to wrap this post up while the internet is sort of working.  We are right on the fringe of service for both the MiFi and phone.  Not sure where our next stop is.  Guess we'll wait and see next week.  Until then......Best wishes for the New Year!

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