Sunday, August 9, 2015

Triple digit temps send us packing~~~

When temps around the Bay Area started reaching triple digits, we knew we had to wrap things up and head north.  I had a final doctor appointment to go over medication issues, found fit to flee the heat, packed up the motorhome and said our goodbyes.

We followed I-5 the whole way with an overnight in Dunnigan and another at Escapees in Sutherlin. We had long days of driving close to 400 miles, in harsh contrast to our rule of 3s;  300 miles per day, stop by 3 pm.  We were on a mission to get to our summer happy place.

Port Townsend is to our summer like Anza Borrego is to winter, though we don't get to park free nor stay as long as we like.  We have to make reservations a year ahead of time to boondock and pay $25 for the privilege of parking right by the water's edge.  It is worth it just for the views.  When the weather cooperates with golden days, the waters that surround us shimmer in the sun.

Here are some photos of our immediate surroundings at the Point Hudson Marina:

Looking toward Fort Worden and the Pt. Wilson lighthouse

Lots of seagull activity

Busy Marina

Our site adjacent to the water's edge...mostly gravel but oh what a view

Port Townsend to Coupeville (Whidbey Island) ferry

Parade of cruise ships probably on their way to Alaska

We have 10 days here to relax and explore as the spirit moves us.  Friends visit, we meet our neighbors, we clean the motorhome (Dry Wash & Guard, no water needed).  We go for lots of walks and eat lots of good food.  Port Townsend is a very hilly town and walks to the uptown section give us a much needed workout.

And by the way, I am feeling great, back to whatever normal is for me, or almost.  I am very blessed and want to thank all of you for the messages of love and support.  Greatly appreciative!

Stay tuned for a trip around town.  Of course since we've been coming here since 2009, many photos will be repeats of years past. Some things don't change~~~

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