Sunday, June 1, 2014

Primo freebie, Graduation grandeur and a Capitol experience...

We're off again, this time to attend our beautiful granddaughter Noelle's St. Francis Catholic High School graduation in our state's capital, Sacramento, CA.  We have primo freebie parking courtesy of daughter Stephany and Gary, at their new place in the town of Loomis, a half hour's drive from downtown Sac.  We could not ask for a more beautiful site complete with their generous hospitality.  A few trees had to be trimmed to get us situated with all amenities at our disposal and doorstep.  

Primo parking

Noelle's graduation was held at the Memorial Auditorium in the Sacramento Convention Center complex conveniently located near Capitol Park.  The beautiful gardens contain trees from around the world and memorials to significant events involving the state's history.  The Capitol itself is both a museum and art gallery with exhibits and tours, and home of the California legislature since 1869.  We arrived early to do our own tour:

The Capitol on a beautiful day

A kaleidoscope dome

Senator answers questions from school kids

Jerry himself, CA counties display, the great Redwood

We met up with the family for dinner at a nearby restaurant, then on to the 8 pm Class of 2014 Commencement of 300 young women.  The auditorium was alive with excitement and the ceremony a blend of inspirational messages, and touching fun recaps from students and teachers.  We somehow all managed to find a very emotional Noelle among the throngs gathered outside embracing the new graduates and joined in for hugs and photos:

So much excitement!

A very emotional proud of her!

With dad Norm, Wendy, and lil sis Christina

Even Grandpa & Grandma get into the action!

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