Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter was a blast!

Seriously crazy screaming family fun and food for two solid days! My heart is happy, my guts are groaning, the photos shot on the fly.  It was all perfectly informal starting with Saturday afternoon's hamburgers and hot dogs with delicious fresh-picked greens from Norm's innovative back yard garden.

Horse watering troughs from the Feed and Fuel on rollers for moving...

Terri drove up from Half Moon Bay with the two younger grands. Noelle (18), Norm's oldest, came from Sacramento where she is about to graduate from St. Francis High School and attend UC Santa Cruz in the fall.  Christina (the Bean) suffered the young'uns playing with her things, but graciously hosted their visit.  Annie, the grandlab, patiently endured while Rudy, the cat, hid for two days.

You gotta love the socks!

A plan was formed for Easter morning.  We arrived at 9 a.m., after the Easter bunny but before the big egg hunt and games kicked off at the local park.  Wendy made delicious breakfast enchiladas served with fresh fruit, coffee, and/or mimosas....yum!  Then we all made our way to the park on a beautiful morning.

Our Easter parade...

This is an annual neighborhood event and very well planned and attended.  First the kids must line up for the mandatory pre-hunt photo op.

Can you spot my cuties?

The little ones sit patiently along the curb...

Christina & friend are ready for the hunt...

The younger kids get a head-start but soon the park is full of children and parents looking for pastel plastic eggs that have been filled with little goodies.  There are time limits for each age group and everyone gets prizes in the end.

Noelle keeps track of Liliana while Terri stays with Damien

Liliana finds the golden egg

Time for the egg count!

It's now time for the games and Christina is ready for the challenge.  First the sack race:

That's the Bean in a bag!

The girl in motion...

But the main event, the grand finale, is always the egg toss.  This is a very competitive and somewhat messy sport...

Wendy and Christina form a team....

Easy does it...these are raw...

Good egg form!

The games are over and time to head back, but who can resist the playground?  Not Liliana!

The feast of the day was a buffet extraordinaire centered around a delicious spiral ham: pasta salad, fruit salad, asparagus with egg salad, deviled eggs, cold cuts, zucchini quiche, rolls, and the best bundtinis.....I grabbed this photo off the website.  No other food pics were taken as we were all too busy eating, talking, sitting outside enjoying the sunshine and watching the kids play.

Little mini-frosted bundt cakes!

During our time here in the Bay Area our plan is to mix it up a bit between family immersion and short side trips to nearby beaches, the Delta, and well, we're in the middle of Wine Country aren't we!

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