Monday, February 24, 2014

Somewhere off Darby Well, near Ajo, AZ...

We scored a beautiful site though it wasn't easy.  ~4.5 miles south of Olsen's Market in Ajo, then west on Darby Well for a bumpy, dusty ~3.2 miles to the entrance to a narrow, sloping driveway off the Scenic Loop that leads up to a knoll where we executed a 20 pt. turn to get rearranged facing west, all the while fearing that various shrubs might be permanently lodged in our nether regions.  Follow that?  

Up we go!

Yes, there has been a fence installed along the Cornelia mine-side of Darby Well, but at some point it recedes dramatically, and that's where we found our way in.  In fact, we are conveniently positioned about 50 ft. from the fence with a commanding view of the mine tailings and surrounding mountains, green, lush Ocotillo, giant Saguaro, and more Organ Pipes than I saw in Organ Pipe NM.  We are far enough off the road for privacy and seclusion, yet off in the distance we can see a few others.

From our backside...there's a fire pit
Looking west..
And north toward the mine & Ajo Mtn.

One thing led to another the other morning.  We took our coffee outside.  There was a nip in the air and no wind.  Think we should build a fire and burn our paper?  OK, good idea! Wanna hotdog? Sure...

Hotdogs for breakfast, yep!

And so go our days...exploring washes, walking the back roads, communing with nature:

To name a few...

That's twisted, sister!

Taken on the fly,...or, what big eyes you have!
Just off the top of my head...

We headed out walking on the Scenic Loop Rd, then turned on Mica Mine Rd, to the Darby Well Cemetery, ~2 miles round-trip from our place.

Howard contemplates his exit strategy among the ghosts of Ajo's past and decides to run...

Seriously, exit strategies have been a big topic lately, especially for aging full-timers, such as ourselves.  (And when did that happen!)  I think we're the last of our friends that have not settled between one or two places a year.  Our problem is we're so itinerant that I'm afraid after a few months, we'd change our minds.  And after many years in real estate back in the day, I no longer feel that owning is the best way for us.  So when that time comes, we'd probably rent, at least to be sure.

We've had our share of health issues over the years, both had bouts with cancer, fortunately diagnosed early.  Our health care provider is Kaiser Senior Advantage of Northern California which we're extremely happy with, but it also poses the problem of living in a very high priced Bay Area community should we need care for the long haul.  The alternative would be to live in a cheaper area, and find another Medicare system.

So, in the meantime, we'll continue on this path which has served us well, and catch a few more sunsets before hanging up the keys.  We might even make it into town before we leave.  Who knows, we might even get out of our comfort zone traveling the Americas, as my granddaughter says.  Maybe one more sailing trip....

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