Friday, February 14, 2014

Our week at Lake Cahuilla....

Or maybe the more appropriate title should be:  Crazy Woman Has Technology Tantrum and a forced data diet!

OK, I bought a new Asus Q550L laptop with the very different Windows 8 OS and have been going through a bit of a tizzie working with it and customizing the many screen options to fit our needs...not always successfully. For instance, I changed my Desktop theme to a personal photo and all the icons disappeared.  Not a major inconvenience as I can still use my Start (Tile) page, or my App page...but why, I ask?!  That, plus numerous Windows updates and downloading my favorite programs, sent my Verizon data plan spiraling.  Moving on....

Lake Cahuilla County Park is a lovely place to stay in La Quinta, CA and close to many desert city attractions, especially shopping.  It was nice to have water and electric for a week, and the beautiful ~3 mile walk around the lake made for some good exercise and photos.

Reflections of Lake Cahuilla

We did fun things.  A great afternoon was spent with Gail and Earl at their winter place in Indio, joined by friends we made in Powell River, BC in 2006; a blessed second start after a bit of a blip in our full-time lifestyle showing how uncertain and precious life can be.  Here is that story: 2006 Road Trip

Kathie (my mental guru who understands all my issues, and doesn't judge, like my friend Beth)...with husband Bob at the wheel, driving from San Diego, arrived about 5:30 PM on our last night.  We were sooo happy not to have missed them and entertained in grand style. How about cook your own hotdogs on an open fire, deviled eggs, shrimp cocktail, and sliced watermelon. Can you beat that, sitting outside on a warm winter evening by a roaring fire, with no wind! Sorry, no photos, but here are a few more reflections from my walks.

No major injuries were incurred during the course of this minor posting.  I have really learned to restrain myself.  

Happy Valentine's Day 2014

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