Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Keys

We have been idly lolling in the lap of luxury, at least for us, for a week of down time.  A real vacation!  Ha...It even sounds funny to hear myself say that as many think we are constantly on vacation.  Not so!  This traveling stuff can be hard work; time changes, traffic, wear and tear on body and mind, not to mention the rig and toad.  Planning, itineraries, sightseeing, even reservations, something we almost never do. 

We decided that if we were going to the Florida Keys we wanted a front row seat and west side for sunsets.  And we might as well stay a week and get a better rate.  Grassy Key RV Resort offered just what we were looking for, and more....A few no-see ums at happy hour were not going to stop us.  We just slathered on more poisonous bug deterrent.

This became our office:

Looking back at our RV site and having fun with Google+ photo editing.....

We had our share of pets...

And friends around the palapa for sundowners!

But mostly we formations:

The Overseas Highway is 106 miles long and is mostly a lot of bridges connecting small islands..

The old railroad trestle is on the left and the Seven Mile Bridge, the right

We did a day trip to Key West, 50 miles south of our location near Marathon at MM 57.  Since we had been before we chose not to fight the traffic for parking at Hemingway's house, nor take the trolley tour...sorry!

 But we did do a little walking...very little:

Until we got here, and decided it was time for a late lunch:

Next we did some drive-by shootings:

Absolutely would not park and stand in line to have our picture taken at the southernmost point in the Continental US, and here's why.  But you can say we were there:

But mostly I contemplated getting a pedicure!

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