Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Lands of Fruit and Vines

The towns of Peachland and Summerland invoke scenes of orchards and vineyards, summertime fun, ripe and bountiful produce, wineries, parks and farmers markets… and situated by the shores of Lake Okanagan, framed by mountains often covered in clouds.  There you have the picture exactly as it is!  We are parked for 9 days at Okanagan Lake Provincial Park about equal distance to both towns.  At this time of year reservations would be necessary.

Bountiful at Summerland market
Summerland roadside market
Peaches in Peachland
Peaches in Peachland
Apple orchard
Vineyards galore
Sunflowers on a cloudy day!
Sunflowers on a cloudy day
Our drive and border crossing were uneventful and, yes, the insurance cards arrived as promised.  I wish I could say as much for my dealings with Verizon.  As soon as we crossed the border the Verizon Jetpack started beeping data warnings.  I called a number on the message to obtain global assistance and was sadly informed that the previous service rep had misinformed us on the data coverage though the phone and text were as stated.  We are now paying $25 for every 100 MB we use on each device, not the 4 GB we thought we were getting.  I am therefore on a data diet and cannot browse my favorite blogs as often as I would like.

Our site at Okanagan Lake PP
Our site at Okanagan Lake Provincial Park
Photo op for yours truly
Lakeside at the park
View from above Okanagan Lake Provincial Park
Sheep grazing
Summerland Muni park
Summerland fun
Peachland lakeside
Lakeside in Peachland
Peachland Museum
Peachland Museum
Anglican church in Summerland
Anglican church in Summerland
Since our arrival the weather has been a combination of bright and sunny, cloudy and overcast with intermittent showers and temps in the mid 70s F.  We have barely scratched the surface of this huge approx. 100 mile-long lake and valley, thus far concentrating our outings on Peachland, Summerland, and briefly to Penticton.  We did venture to the Walmart in Westbank for a DVD series (season one of Breaking Bad) to replace our Direct TV  that does not work in Canada.

At Bonitas Winery
Afternoon tapas at Greata Winery
Afternoon tapas at Greata Winery
Lavender vineyards at Greata
Lavender and vineyards
Lakeside day use parks in Summerland
Day use park in Summerland
Okanagan Lake Area 2013 184
The days "catch"...Okra??
I am using Windows Live Writer to save on internet time so will be interesting to see how this appears on the blog.  Today is Wednesday, August 28th.  We depart on Tuesday, September 3.  Though it is currently raining cats and dogs, I’m hoping by later this afternoon we can get outside for more exploring.  Time is running out!
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