Monday, June 3, 2013

Here in Petaluma...

The beauty of our Petaluma home base other than being a fantastic city in itself (more on Petaluma in another chapter), is that there are several destinations within a hundred miles or less that present us with a nice change of scenery.

Not bad RV parking, eh?

Pastoral golden foothills

Our friends of back in the Half Moon Bay days, Don and Joan, live out in the country near Ione, CA, in the Sierra Foothills.  They have 5 beautiful oak studded, horse grazing acres that nicely accommodate Don's passion for saving everything old and Joan's for collecting rocks...mostly agates they gather from the beaches in Oregon during their summer travels.  Our RV parking site isn't bad either!

Collection of glass insulators

Agates & other precious rocks make for a nice birdhouse...

Love these clouds 

Is this a geode??

Just over the fence these alpacas pose

And a prickly pear blossom harbors a pollen-covered bee!

If we head south about 30 miles on Highway 101 we encounter a whole new scene!  Another landscape unfolds as we cross the Golden Gate Bridge, which by the way, no longer collects tolls at the booth but videos your license plate number and bills you according to registration for Big Brother, though it does save a lot of time!

The famous GG Bridge looms large...

The Ferry Building, my favorite place

At Fisherman's Wharf

The City by the Bay

Lunch at the Waterfront Restaurant with a Bay Bridge view!

The streets of San Francisco

The America's Cup has it's own terminal along The Embarcardero

And then there's the seashore and the Napa Valley wine country.  We'll save those for another day. It's always nice to come back to these beautiful, grand faces...

Granddaughters, Noelle 17 and Christina 6 1/2

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