Saturday, May 4, 2013

Back to Tucson...Briefly

It was just last Sunday that we had an uneventful 300+ mile drive back to Tucson after our month by the Sea of Cortez in San Carlos, MX.  Our little motorhome was a welcoming sight and held up remarkably well without us.  Not even a layer of dust or waning power supply as the hot Tucson sun and bank of solar panels kept the batteries full and frig cold.

No, we did not leave the awnings or the slide out!

At this writing we're on I-10 heading west so our brief stay consisted of 5 full days, not much time with a big road trip coming up.  It seems to take 2 days just to unpack a month's worth of "being gone" and stow the bags in the nether regions of the motorhome and put the clothes and electronic gear away. Once again, as in Roatan, we took way more clothes than we needed, and it never tucks away as tidily as I like.  Time to downsize the stuff!

The weather is getting...well nasty is about as nice as I can be.  Hot, hot hot, and very windy and dusty.  It is so nice to be mobile and good that we're about to head for the Pacific Coast, where I'll complain about fog and cold.  Actually May is usually pretty nice!

May is a good month in the Coastside Half Moon Bay area

So began the long process of getting ready to leave after the motorhome, not us, has been sitting here for 3 months plus 3 weeks.  There were two trips to Costco, several to the local hardware store, and we even managed two great evenings with our local BFFs.  

Rodger & Sharon winter in Tucson and summer in MN.  Best friends forever!

Rodger has a fancy workshop full of wood-carving power tools where he makes tiny, intricate ornament-like creations, of which we are the proud owners of a couple.  I asked him for a private viewing and demonstration when we went over for our farewell happy hour.  I'm thinking Christmas decorations or possibly some hanging art, as in a mobile, would be appropriate in our circumstances.

Rodger in his workshop

A few of his intricate little decorations

We cannot leave without some early morning hikes at Tucson Mountain Park to view the spring arrival of blossoms on the Prickly Pear and Staghorn cacti, and the popping of those buds crowning the stately Saguaro.  It's a bit too early here for the Barrels and Teddybears though.  Anyone have a wildflower/cacti report from the Anza Borrego Desert

Prickly Pears at Tucson Mt. Park

The Staghorn, normally not very attractive, sports some bling!

Those buds high atop Mr.Saguaro will soon pop open!

The crowning glory

Staghorn close-up

The Pricklies bud pink and bloom yellow

Providing sweet nectar....

Pretty and deadly as I walked away with a few "bites"!

Another pretty face..

Can't believe it's been two years since I joined Blogger!  I have connected with so many of you who travel and share our lifestyle and interests; learned a lot, laughed at several, and cried over the obstacles that crossed a path or two.  There are some pretty incredible writers and photographers out there.  I'm still not sure I understand the "following" protocol as I follow all of you,  but there seems to be a hierarchy of sorts.  I can't conceive of 2500 page views a month even when many of you have tens of thousands.  I'm also a big Google fan and enjoy the interaction of many products, especially Picasa.  Will be saddened to loose Google Reader and naively thought my blog list on the right hand side would magically update itself.  Just starting to figure out Google+ and already have made several contacts.  

So like us, follow us, share us, friend us, and comments are so appreciated, as the Journey continues...... 
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