Saturday, March 9, 2013

What a difference a day makes!

We flew out of Roatan on the tail of a storm that blew in the day before.  We had spent two fun days in the town of West End, enjoying the sights, sounds, and local restaurants; all within easy walking.  As luck would have it, I somehow waited until our last day to get burned, bitten, and a bad case of "you don't want to know"!  I was a bit apprehensive about spending a full day either on an airplane, going through the long processes of customs and immigration, security, and running between terminals in Houston.

A storm approaches

Our last island sunset...

We arrived in Tucson at 11 PM, very tired obviously, only to find out our luggage had decided to stay in Houston.  With a few necessary items in our carry-on, we called for a pick-up to our hotel.  Arranging transport to the motorhome at this late hour would have been a real inconvenience, so we had checked out for a cheap place to stay near the airport.  

If you're not familiar with this site, they have a "feeling lucky" feature where you don't know the name of the hotel you're booking,  just the amenities and approx. location.  Well choosing this feature bought us a beautiful suite at the Hyatt Airport for a very reasonable price.  It was the highlight of this very long day!

Soooo....We're back in our lovely little casa mobile, fit as a fiddle after a month of being all closed up and unplugged, batteries surviving on the sun, fridge purring along keeping the few staples all nice and cold, no bugs or weird smells....Home!  We are parked out in the Tucson Mt. area, west of the city, and after retrieving bags delivered by United later in the afternoon, a day or two of resting up and doing lots of laundry, we're off to Tucson Mt. Park...  Hope you enjoy our hike, we are!

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