Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring has arrived...

Several times a week we start our day with a hike in Tucson Mountain Park, just a short drive from the Bar J RV Park where we're spending the month of March.  On every visit we notice new growth on cacti and shrubs along the trails.  Spring has arrived; right on time!

Prickly Pear


Even the lowly Creosote bush blooms beautiful delicate yellow flowers...

Along my favorite trail!

I believe this is a Desert Zinnia; please correct me if wrong!

These Teddybear Cholla seem to light up in the sun...

A sprouting Staghorn Cholla; looks like a flower bud

But our RVing life has been more than just enjoying the local scenery.  Chores abound!  Yes, the bathroom project, repainting dark wood walls on our 13 year old MH, was declared "finished"; enough already with worrying about colors and contrasts.  Howard had the perfect solution; towels.  Off we went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and bought towels, bright striped, purple, orange and white.  Now, that'll liven things up a bit in the old head!

Otherwise, boring!

We're now cleaning out the jeep, literally removing the back seat from the Wrangler to allow for more "stuff" to pack for our month in San Carlos, Sonora, MX.  Mexican Insurance has been secured from Lewis and Lewis, a company we have used over the years, though never had to file a claim (knocking on wood).  Income taxes have been e-filed.  All that remains is last minute laundry, packing, and getting the MH in storage mode...but we're getting good at that. 

In case you're wondering, Howard and I are experimenting with month-long stays OUT of the motorhome; pricing inexpensive condo and apartment stays in beautiful locations.  There are deals to be had, especially when dealing directly through Vacation Rentals by Owner.   The overall expense is about equal to what we spend when traveling in the RV, paying for fuel, parking, sightseeing and maintenance. We put our Direct TV and Verizon MiFi on "hold", and have the same basic allowances for other expenses.  In Roatan we had the 3-week panic attack, but soon recovered. See you soon from the balcony of our condo overlooking the Sea of Cortez.
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