Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Housebound has its perks..

Annie, the Grandlab, is a morning dog!
The bedside clock blinks 5:18 a.m.   Howard and I have been practicing synchronized turning in a small double bed when a furry 75 lb. projectile lands in our midst, legs kicking and tail wagging; thus starts our day. 

Morning antics

We are babysitting our 6 year-old granddaughter, Christina, and staying at Norm's house while Wendy is on a business trip.  For traveling grandparents who are frequently away, this is a grand opportunity....and a challenge.  Of course, Annie comes with the job.   

Watch Grandma, I'll show you how!

The first order of business is the day's Advent calendar project (by Jacquie Lawson). Christina has mastered the computer and this online task, eagerly looking forward to showing me how she creates her very own Christmas stocking. 

And off to school we go..

A breakfast bagel is followed by  a fashion tug of war as we try to strike a compromise that suits her personal style and accommodates the cold, foggy day outside...not easy.  Lunch box packed and fancy water bottle filled.  Only later do we realize I forgot to attach the straw. A near catastrophe!   Grandpa gets Annie's leash and off we go! 

The line-up!
The scene at her school, a few blocks away, is priceless.  All the first-graders line up outside their classroom with parents and siblings, and a couple of grandparents, lingering till  the teacher opens the door. They are so excited and greet each other like long lost friends. 


We are now off duty until it's time to go back and retrieve her from Kids Kare around 4:30 p.m.  Usually we go back to check on the motorhome, do some shopping and plan for dinner, or just have some quiet time.  

With Norm having a 1 1/2 to 2 hour commute twice a day, we like to straighten up the house a bit and fix dinner so he can come home and relax.  Really the best part is just being together as family.  But 5 days is plenty, thank you!  I am so glad to get back to our little Casa Mobile and our comfy bed, and no schedules, and lower energy levels.  I really need to recuperate now!!

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