Sunday, November 25, 2012


After that wonderful trip along Highway 395 last spring, to which many of you contributed suggestions, I decided to submit an article to the Escapees Magazine.   After a month or so I completely forgot about it. So imagine my surprise  when I recently got an email from a friend congratulating me on the article.  Our mail which mostly consists of magazines and advertisements, everything else in done online, usually reaches us several weeks after the fact.  So here it is: 

Now writing is not my forte though it doesn't hinder me from trying.  My style is to overwhelm you with photos and try to add a description or humorous anecdote.  I struggle to stay grammatically correct and often don't.  So thanks for not being too critical.  But hey, if you can read this you will recognize several of the places you told us about!  So, in all fairness, thanks to one and all for making this possible!  And by the way, I even got paid...Let me know if I owe you a referral fee.

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