Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Returning to Caldwell....

Last year we were introduced to Caldwell when friends, Beth and Chris, purchased a summer home here.  We stayed for a month and fully immersed ourselves in sightseeing, day trips, and the local "small town" scene.  We were impressed, we had fun!  We shared special times with friends in transition from full-time RVing.  And when finally we pulled out it was with the decision to return in a year...And here we are!

Downtown Caldwell & Indian Creek

On a beautiful, non-hazy morning
We will stay for a week and do no sightseeing.  It is warmish and a bit hazy, but we are staying in a proper park, Ambassador RV Resort, with hookups, and pool, and rec room; all the bells and whistles, not usually in our repertoire.  And there are always a few/many projects in need of attention.

Mostly we will visit and oooooh and aaaaah over the Panys' lovely home.  Beth is a master gourd carver and their home is a gallery of gorgeous creations.  And, of course, we will eat!  We offer to fix Howard's signature rack of lamb, and one could not ask  for a more beautiful kitchen!

Howard decided to decommission our Fantastic fans.  Why, you ask?  Because they have a life of their own with all the circuit boards and sensors that make them go "up and down" in the night.  The company is Fantastic, and will replace at no cost any and all parts that fail or break....repeatedly.  The vents and fans will now function only manually; no more electronics, making our simple lifestyle a little easier.

And I have this urge to paint something...a little scary in a motorhome!  The ultra-(faux) leather which covers our dashboard and two forward chairs is in pretty good condition for being 12 years old, but beginning to show some wear and tear.  I found this great local business, Superior Paint and Glass, brought in a tiny sample of the material snipped from beneath one chair, and they were able to perfectly match the color with a vinyl paint suitable for touch-ups.  I now have my eye on tackling all the overhead vents, then, possibly one day, the dark oak paneling in the head.  (Photos may be added...)

Then there is my favorite,  Cliff's Country Market.  I am so impressed with his store here in Caldwell, now 19 years in business, that I actually contacted Cliff to get his "story". 

Cliff focuses on local and organic foods and produce, but also on low carb, gluten-free, and non-GMO products.  I know we all have our own preferences of diet and opinions on additives and alterations, but it's nice to have a choice.
We personally prefer to eat less sugar, and low-carb just works better for us.  Bread is one of the hardest products to go without, but Cliff, a baker and a diabetic...not a good combination, has concocted a delicious Healthy Harvest low-carb bread.  We love his strawberry-rhubarb pie and shared one with Chris and Beth last night.  So while we're here, we load up and enjoy.  I just wish we had more freezer space! 

As we prepare to leave Caldwell for perhaps another year, a plan and proposed route for our journey to St. George, UT, and the Huntsman Senior Games (Oct. 7th arrival), is taking shape.  Let us know what you think.  Suggestions appreciated.

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