Wednesday, July 18, 2012


That little trip down memory lane comprising the last 3 chapters was meant to be cathartic, purging as it were, an interesting play on words considering my current delicate state.  I have IBS, a syndrome graphically described by Mr. Mayo's Clinic as... can be controlled by managing diet, lifestyle, and stress.  I think we'll assume the lifestyle is pretty good, though just possibly too much time in one location, caught up in family affairs, can be stressful, to say the least.  The diet is a balancing act; most times a variety of good stuff, but when I have a flare-up I mainly subsist on white rice, white bread, white wine, tapioca pudding, and water, a formula guaranteed to loose that 6 lbs. I've been working on since New Year's Day!

Now fiber is an interesting topic and comes in both soluble,  e.g., rice and bread, and insoluble, like whole grains, seeds, nuts, raw fruits and veggies; the latter being the healthier choice.  Unless you're suffering an IBS attack, then insoluble fiber can spell big trouble, or rather becomes the "I or irritable" part.  Salads must be eaten at the end of the meal, after a good foundation of starch has been laid, in the French manner.  

And it is quite painful, sort of like someone setting their hand on fire and plunging it into your lower abdomen trying to rip your guts out!  Four years ago I had no idea what was happening to me and ended up in the ER.  The symptoms closely mimic very serious conditions, namely ovarian cancer, so are not to be ignored.  A fellow blogger recently wrote that she had had severe abdominal pain but thought it was IBS, until she ended up in the OR with a ruptured appendix.  So usually a CT scan and/or pelvic untrasound (so fun) is in  order, as in this coming Friday a.m....Yay!  Be sure to drink about a gallon of water one hour before appt.

I always thought the word syndrome conjured up "it's mostly in my mind" but I have found out it's actually in my brain.  According to the New York Times there is a close relationship between the brain located at the top of our spinal cord and the hidden but powerful brain in the gut known as the enteric nervous system.  Sort of explains those gut feelings and butterflies in the stomach!  My chiropractor even told me that my rather dramatic scoliosis, or curved spine, could cause IBS since my guts are all pushed out of shape.

But here's the kicker.  Our toilet in the motorhome broke; pushed down on the pedal to flush and all its parts, springs, etc. blew...kaput!  Howard was able to jury rig a makeshift repair while replacement parts were on order, but...Seriously bad timing!

I bet you're so longer wondering what the post's title means:  TMI...Too much information!  But, you know, I have read so many of the blogs featured along the right side of stillhowlyn in 2012, where many of you have shared physical and emotional conditions and it always left me feeling...I'm not alone!  Thanks for listening....
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