Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Welcome to Bodie..A genuine gold mining ghost town!

This is Bodie, or rather the remains of Bodie.  Only about five percent of the buildings it contained during its 1880s heyday still remain.  Today, it stands just as time, fire and the elements have left it...a genuine California gold mining ghost town.  Designated a state historic park in 1962, it is now maintained in a state of "arrested decay".

Seven miles south of Bridgeport, the roads turns east for 13 miles, the last 3 of which are unpaved.  It is best to arrive early as days heat up, as do the crowds, but also for the best lighting.  The reflections, angles, and textures make for a photographer's dream.  The park opened at 9 am on our visit, but will possibly open earlier as summer approaches.

I look hundreds of photos but will post a few of my favorites, then link to the corresponding Picasa Web album for the full tour.  Bodie was on almost everyone's list who supplied us with sight-seeing places along Highway 395, and it is certainly well deserving of a Five Star  Rating!

Angles & textures

1927 Dodge Graham

Reflections thru old glass

Shell Gas station

Bodie overview

Nice picture frame


 Returning we decided to take an alternate route, somewhat out of our way, that went southwest to Mono Lake.  This was a 20 mile rutted dirt road all the way, but the views as you crest the hilltop were spectacular.  We need to get settled before the Memorial Weekend and have decided on the June Lake area.  We not only had a fantastic view along the June Lake loop but found our home for the next 7 days at the Oh Ridge Campground.  But this is another story...

Enjoy our tour of Bodie:

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