Thursday, May 17, 2012

A plan is forming..

The plan was to go to Half Moon Bay for Mother's Day to be with daughter Terri and family.  It is so much work for them to pack up the two babies and Daniel, and be gone for any length of time, especially in the car.  This is home territory for yours truly, moving here in 1969 when Terri was 5 months old, and departing via motorhome in 1995 when the "adventure began"!  So here are the mandatory pictures; it's a condition of grandparenthood...

The little fam!

Damien is 1 year old!

Liliana, 2 1/2,  along the Coastal trail

Playing among the wildflowers on the sand dunes

Daniel with Darragh ready for his Junior Prom

The Half Moon Bay/Coastside area is home to commercial fishing, artichokes, Brussels sprouts, pumpkins, flower farms, giant waves and Maverick's Surfing, and just 30 miles south of San Francisco on windy, narrow Highway 1.  This sleepy coastal town was "discovered" during the Silicon Valley tech explosion and real estate prices soared through the roof.  When we sold the house in '98 the boom had not quite arrived unfortunately!

Coastal bluffs

Pillar Point Harbor for commercial & pleasure boats

During pumpkin season in October

Flowers are a big industry here

After Mother's Day weekend we drove up to Sutter Creek along Highway 49 in the Gold Country to visit friends Joan and Don, and to continue formulating The plan.

We have lovely parking on their 5 acres

The plan started out with Howard and I thinking we'd do a little side trip before returning to the Bay Area and family.  We pored over maps looking for a reasonably short itinerary that covered areas we had not explored before.  And Bingo...The Eastern Sierras along Highway 395 became an obvious choice.  We could even make it a loop trip returning through Mojave and north on Highway 99 and visit our Escapee's Park Sierra, and Yosemite Nat'l Park.  Now throw Social Media aka Facebook into the works and The Plan took on a life of its own, thanks to so many comments and suggestions.  

Hopefully, if you click on this map you will be able to see the loop; over 1400 miles...Yikes!  See what I mean about "taking on a life of its own"!  

We would be very grateful to get your suggestions on places, hikes, historic monuments, bakeries, scenic drives, restaurants, etc.,  to add to what we have accumulated so far.  We hope you will follow along with us on this new adventure....
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