Thursday, April 5, 2012

The family came for Spring Break

Do you have any idea how much is involved in getting a family of 5 packed into a little rental camper for 4 days of camping?  Did I mention that one is a baby and one is a toddler, thus diapers, bottles and baby food!  The oldest is 16 so that is a whole other issue; wifi connections for computer and iPhone for Skype calls to girlfriend. Our major shopping for food, drinks and snacks, plus meal preparation, paled in comparison.  

Just waiting..

After everyone was assembled into traveling mode Clint, daughter Terri, and the grandkids, Daniel, Liliana, and Damien set out for the 200 mile, 4 hour drive from Half Moon Bay where, once upon a time, yours truly lived in a big house and worked in real estate for 25 years.  Sure don't miss those days....

They're here!

Breakfast on a beautiful morning..with Terri & Clint
Late afternoons and nights turned cold so we all crowded into our little home.

To color...

And sketch for art class..

...or be held by daddy!

Transportation in the jeep was an interesting maneuver and not always legal!

Daniel makes a comfortable car-seat for Damien!

Strollers were the common mode of transportation but, alas, not good for the beach. But we did manage to see the town of Pismo Beach in full Spring Break mode!

Blankets, binkies, and thumbs

At the Pismo Beach pier

A parade thru town

A stop for frozen yogurt..

Thumbs up, Grandma

Now wouldn't this have made a lovely spot for a family photo?

Life is good!

And then they were gone...sigh!  But seriously we needed a full day to recuperate but are ever so grateful for this precious time.  

We are now en route (thanks Verizon) to Petaluma, CA for Easter and more family time plus visits with friends in and around the San Francisco Bay Area.
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