Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bodega Bay is for "The Birds"!

When we're here in the Bay Area for any length of time, like now visiting family and friends in Petaluma, we need to add a few short side trips into the mix...just for a change of scenery.  One of the many blessings of being mobile is being able to haul anchor in a very short time.  We have the drill down to a science.  Being connected to hookups as we are now requires about 15 extra minutes to drain and flush tanks, then fill with fresh water, put things away and fire up the diesel.  We're off now to the coast at Bodega Bay, home of those infamous birds in Hitchcock's film!

The road meanders through lush farmland, green from recent rains.  Well-fed sheep and cows graze the fields, with poppies and wild mustard adding splashes of orange and yellow. We're staying at Doran Beach Regional Park, out at the tip of the jetty, with two miles of sandy beach in front of us, and the harbor behind.

Taken well before the weekend traffic arrived (rt. side group of two)

We back onto the harborside

....with the beach and dunes in front of us

The weekend weather reports temps in the 80s, hard to believe in this fog infested environment, but we're thinking positive as the Petaluma family are coming for a camping trip.  But for now we'll wander around and  share our views and location with you.

An early morning walk along the beach, as the fog moves out, reveals the wavy wind blown sand patterns.

The beach grass along the dunes approaching the beach...

Spud Point Marina is home to many commercial fishermen as well as pleasure craft.  Salmon fishing doesn't open until May 1st but we were advised there were still late season Dungeness crab available.

Colorful crab pots

We bought two of these beauties...This guy's on his back so I can take a pic before he runs away.  Howard prepares the large pan of boiling hot water...

Quite pretty actually, but tastes even better!

To watch the sunset requires a drive out through town and around the far side of the harbor and up the hill to the bluff overlooking the Pacific!

And then the birds came!
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