Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sonoran Desert..Mostly nonverbal

 Through the windshield of the MH on a windy day...think the dust enhances the colors

Ouch..this Gila woodpecker inspects our Saguaro

 We were looking for petroglyphs at Charlie Bell pass and this rock caught my eye, then the tiny lizard sunbathing

On a drive up Pipeline Rd. to Coffee Pot Mtn. we spotted this rare crested Saguaro

This barbed beauty is appropriately named a fish hook pincushion cactus

Close-up of an old skeleton

'Tis the season....

For wildflowers...

These are the times we live in!

Night sky photography haunts me....  Venus & Jupiter somewhat out of focus!

We've traveled a long way up on a tough 4-wheel drive track along Pipeline Rd.

Just off the top of my head!

There is copper in these hills

So many of these sunsets!

A Hallelujah Moment..Amen!
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