Sunday, March 25, 2012

Random acts of kindness...and Karma!

Before attempting a drive thru Los Angeles, we find that parking at the Morongo Casino, just west of Palm Springs, with its large parking area for trucks and RVs, a good staging area for the following day's drive.  Especially on a Saturday night when the buffet special is prime rib.  And Sunday traffic is noticeably lighter with the truckers obviously taking a day

So leaving Quartzsite, after that marvelous sunset with intermingling jet trails, and having a much needed run and morning walk, we drove the mere 156 miles west on I-10.  A very easy, lazy day indeed.  And carnivores as we are, at least on this week's diet plan, prime rib is tickling the fancy!

So this is a really good story:  We go into the casino, after driving the jeep over to the parking lot from our parking area, and Howard driving thru a barricade...seriously...and taking out a ton of cement and chain link...We follow a very young crowd of short-skirted young ladies and gold-chained men into a jam-packed bell ringing, light flashing, cha-ching induced frenzy and found our way to the last of a long line waiting for the popular prime rib buffet!

Morongo Casino

Our View

As dinner becomes a viable, visible possiblity, 3 Asian (Korean) men in front of us turned and gestured to a coupon with a $100 printed on the face, then pointed and beckoned for us to join them.  There was enough English to indicate that their party of 3 left room for the two of us to be included in the $100 comp from the hotel...We just had to pay the tax of $10.50!!!  That was $40 worth of savings for yours truly.  Years and years ago, while still traveling in our old '91 Dolphin, we were in line at the toll booth at the Oakland San Francisco Bay Bridge, when the toll-taker waved us on shouting that the guy in front had paid our toll...and have a great day!  Faith in man-kind restored, and we need to keep this goodwill chain going!

But there is more!  We got an early Sunday a.m. start into gale-force winds that soon turned into horizontal rain on the freeways of southern California.  Cars were hydro-planing, visibility was low and we are following a GPS directive.  Anxiety levels hit a few highs but all went well. Thankfully we travel in a high profile vehicle so others usually figure they'd best stay clear...(probably old farts that shouldn't be driving, especially after last night's barricade destruction and all that red meat!)

We got to the ocean along the 101 and the nerves eased.  I clicked away at traffic scenes and sleeping vineyards, then played with the new Picasa 3 editing tools.  We pulled into the Pismo State Beach campground in early afternoon and were pleasantly surprised that reservations were NOT required, though this is the busy Spring Break season.  We were assigned a very nice, large, grassy site for the next 10 days and paid the asking price of $330, then proceeded to get ourselves anchored.  Within a short time the ranger drove up very officially and announced that...We had been overcharged...$100.  The fee should have been $230...thus the karma!

Playing with Picasa

God, how I love this life!!  There will be lots of beach photos and family fun to come...
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