Friday, March 23, 2012

Oh the weather outside is frightful!

We got to Tucson just in time for rain, hail, and snow on the nearby mountains, and it was freezing cold.  Out once more comes the propane catalytic heater since we're boondocking near Tucson Mountain to be near friends Rodger and Sharon, who fed and entertained us in grand style, as usual.  Can't say much for our immediate surroundings though.  Blowing sand until the rain turned our parking into a mud pool and not nearly as well-maintained as our lovely sites near Ajo and Borrego Springs.  Let's just say an eclectic mix!

Cold and muddy!

Pizza and Mexican train with best buddies...priceless!

At their  "oh so cute" winter home in Tucson Estates
When the rain let up we did a day trip to Nogales, MX so Sharon could locate a dentist, much cheaper than in Tucson.  Plus, I wanted to check out that wall again.  The town in very dilapidated and needing some major sidewalk repairs making walking without falling into a very deep hole a challenge.  But we did find some great vendors' shops and Sharon is all set for a root canal...Yay!  Interestingly, not many gringos on the streets like in Algodones.

Border crossing at Nogales

Glad we didn't bring the RV

Sharon shops for treasures

Rodger has his eye on...?

Animal skulls?

Kokopelli, of course!
Yes, we did our share of shopping; Costco and Trader Joe's stock took a major surge!  But for huge fun on a rainy day the four of us went to see Hugo, in 3D.  Magical, dazzling, incredible...a terrific movie well-deserving of so many awards!

There is much to see and do around Tucson that we didn't do on this quick trip, like visiting the U of A campus, Kiit Peak Observatory, Catalina State Park.  The weather was not conducive and we are in the throes of having time constraints and planning ahead...all for fun reasons!
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