Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Borders and bare cupboards...

Borders and bare cupboards have nothing in common, other than popping up in my mind at this particular point in blogosphere time.  Being so close to the US/Mexico border we decided to get a closer look.

This is the Great Wall of the US/Mexico Border.  I think it now runs approx. 700 miles along the Southwest border, keeping us safe and reducing illegal immigration.

There is no escaping unless you buy something at the Duty Free Store! 

 Do you mean "Alto"?

Gringo-eze for Arizona...

This brings to mind another border we crossed a few years back.

What pray tell is this?  Why it is the border between Pt. Roberts, WA. and Tsawwassen, BC, Canada!  Folks just step over the yellow curb or pull their chairs up for Happy Hour!  Cars must follow protocol.

But I digress!  Back here at Organ Pipe Cactus NM we once again drove the Ajo Mtn. Road for the hike up Arch Canyon, 2 miles round-trip, and spectacular.

I took this sign quite literally and went no further!

Howard on the return...

A pack rat builds a cozy nest..

And a hummingbird sips Ocotillo nectar..

We have been so frugal thus far this year, boondocking for 2 months, rationing fuel, and Costco visits.  Our Travel Map plots a paltry 241 miles to date.  And the cupboards are bare.  Its one thing to run out of wine and bourbon, but cheese and moldy bread are uncivilized.  We actually drove the 70 miles round trip back to Ajo for $20 worth of Starbuck's dark roast coffee beans, and that wasn't much in the way of beans.  Not very cost effective, but mandatory for this vessel's inhabitants. 

So tomorrow we hit the big city of Tucson and a big hit on the AMEX card!  We'll still boondock out near Tucson Mtn. and visit friends wintering there, and we may even cross the border into Nogales!
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