Thursday, November 17, 2011

Two Days at Sea

Leaving Aruba, we were two days at sea.  Life onboard took on a different perspective; lazy and laid-back, less structured, though there were activities.  Not being one for most group things, I found myself joining in the morning aerobics and stretches. There was also mast climbing for those brave souls who, unlike me, are not afraid of heights!

Activities include climbing the mast

 Our Captain, Peter Kaaling, had story-telling times where he regaled us with tales of his adventures at sea aboard the Gotheburg, a sailing replica of the 18th century Swedish East Indiaman.  It is the world's largest wooden sailing vessel. His journey was almost 18 months, leaving from Gothenburg, Sweden and sailing around the Cape of Good Hope in Africa, then 5000 miles to Australia where he turned off the engines and swore to sail the entire way…and did.  His crew of 80 was a combination of experienced sailors and volunteers. They continued on to China, with stops at Hong Kong and Singapore, then returning to Sweden by way of the Suez Canal, welcomed by thousands of private boats and a hundred thousand spectators on shore.

Captain Kraaling regales us with tales of sea adventures
There was deck golf and water aerobics but mostly, for us anyway, it was grab a lounge chair on the sun deck and settle in for some reading on the Kindle, where we had downloaded a bunch of books before leaving.

A lot of reading on the sun deck
  Howard enjoyed the knot tying lessons by Xaverino, one of the line handlers. Phillip, the Cruise Director, always gave briefings on our next port of call…in this case Cartagena, where we will be arriving the morning of Wednesday the 16th.  There was also a modified “man overboard” drill by the sports team.

A modified man overboard drill by the sports team

Phillip, our Cruise Director, briefs us on next port of call

Captain oversees the sail and line handlers
Thus go the days at sea, with a lot of very good food and drink, and nightly entertainment thrown in for good measure. 
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